Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Plugging Away

Here I am, playing with my new webcam, at Wisdom's Beginning's Corporate Headquarters (aka "our unfinished family basement").

As you might have guessed from my lack of posts, I haven't had much time to devote to the launching of my software business. My spare time is largely spent doing technically-oriented volunteer work. For the past year, I taught a Control Systems class at Gonzaga University, taught LEGO Mindstorms robotics classes at INCH and area libraries, and continued to maintain INCH's two websites.

My software enginnering job at Agilent Technologies came to an end at the end of April, but the Lord lined up a new one for me, at Monaco Enterprises, only a few miles away.  So needless to say, I've been very busy learning the new ropes.  I really enjoy the work, and I'm learning so much every day, but I still hope to one day become a full-time, self-employed software developer.

Until that day, I continue to prepare the registration site to serve other co-ops and small schools.